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As from 1st January 2021, although we will be able to accept and dispatch orders for Europe etc, the customer will be responsible for any and all Import Duties and local VAT. We are not a VAT Registered business and so our prices are the same no matter from where you are purchasing. Please DO NOT order from the website as delivery costs have to be calculated on each and every order at the time of ordering for the Channel Islands, Eire and the Rest of the World!

ALL PRICES ARE PLUS P&P (we are not VAT Registered)
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Correct at 10th April 2021

A4 Sign Holder

A4 Sign Holder

Sign Holders to take A4 encapsulated signs; 
 comes complete with black ‘correx-type’ board, angled feet and number clip
(Choose number clip to use with the correct number set!)
GREEN @ £4.00 each
Other @ £5.00 each
PLEASE NOTE - any colour other than green are by special order and can take up to 2 weeks for delivery to us!

From £4.00 each

Lightweight cone

Lightweight cone

Extra lightweight cones, 229mm high, base of 180mm diameter, rounded corners,
with drilled holes - for pegging out in windy weather!
Yellow, Green and Blue
£1.20 each

Lightweight cones set of 10

Lightweight cones
Set of 10
Yellow, Green, or Blue

£10.00 per set

Hurdle set

Hurdle set £17.50

Each set comprises two 52cm cones in YELLOW, 2 ‘ladders’ and one YELLOW 1.2m pole.

Due to the high cost of delivery it is often more economic to order additional items at the same time. Postage and packing is £15.00 regardless of how many sets are ordered or any additional items ordered - unless the order exceeds £99, then delivery is free! PLEASE CONTACT US BY EMAIL TO ORDER THIS ITEM.

Set of Economy numbers

Economy numbers - set

A set of encapsulated 'station' numbers, 1 to 20 numbers, plus 3 letter A and 3 letter B
Black on yellow. A7 size 
Suitable for SMALL number clip only
£4.00 per set

De Luxe number set

De Luxe number set

A set of plastic station numbers, 1 to 20 numbers, plus 3 letter A and 3 letter B Approximately the same size and thickness as a credit card. Bright yellow background
Suitable for LARGE number clip only
£10.00 per set

A5 Sign Holder - set of 5

A5 Sign Holders - Set of 5 

Five Sign Holders to take A5 encapsulated signs; 
come complete with black ‘correx-type’ board, angled feet and small number clip.
GREEN @ £15.00/set 
From £15.00 per set 


SMALL number clip

Small number clip

Although the ‘small’ number clip actually looks bigger than the ‘large’ version, it is the ‘capacity’
that governs whether they are ‘small’ or ‘large’. Small number clips can only take approximately 0.70mm thickness of insert - ideal for Economy station numbers.
£0.25 each

LARGE number clip

Large number clip

Large number holders are
designed to take insertions up to 1.0mm thickness (about the thickness of a credit card) which are needed for our
De Luxe station numbers
£0.25 each

Connector clip

Connector (or joining) clip

 Connector Clips are for joining together two of our sign holders, either one above the other or side by side - especially good for ‘linked’ or married signs. [They can look similar to the large number holders but are easily
identified as both sides are exactly the same, whereas the number clips, one side has a ‘wide’ opening, the other
has a ‘narrow’ opening!
£0.35 each 

Angled feet - pair

Angled feet - pair

Angled feet come in pairs - as are all our accessories, they are made from clear acrylic and over time, with continuous clipping on or off the frames, they can become brittle and snap!
£0.75 per pair

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