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Sign Holders to take A4 encapsulated signs. Green as per picture with black ‘correx-type’ board, 2 angled feet and small number clip £4.00 each
Extra lightweight cones, 229mm high and a base of 180mm diameter, rounded corners, with drilled holes - for pegging out in windy weather! Yellow, Red, Light Green and Light Blue £1.20 each or buy 10 of one colour for £10.00
Other colours and sizes are available by special order. Please contact us for colours, sizes and prices
Economy version station numbers, 20 encapsulated card numbers, 3 letter A and 3 letter B A7 size £4.00 per set
De Luxe version station numbers, 20 number and 3 ‘A’ and 3 ‘B’ plastic cards rounded corners. Approximately the same size and thickness as a credit card. Bright yellow background, £10.00 per set
Sign Holder Accessories
Number Holders. Although the ‘small’ number holder actually looks bigger than the ‘large’ version, it is the ‘capacity’ that governs whether they are ‘small’ or ‘large’. One price for both sizes - £0.25 each. Small number holders can only take approximately 0.70mm thickness of insert - ideal for our Economy station numbers. Large number holders are designed to take insertions up to 1.0mm thickness (about the thickness of a credit card) which are needed for our De Luxe station numbers
Small £0.25 each
Large £0.25 each
The Connector Clips are for joining together two of our sign holders, either one above the other or side by side - especially good for ‘linked’ or married signs. [They can look similar to the large number holders but are easily identified as both sides are exactly the same, whereas the number clips, one side has a ‘wide’ opening, the other has a ‘narrow’ opening. £0.35 each
Assembly Guide Assembly Guide
Angled Feet come in pairs - as are all our accessories, they are made from clear acrylic and over time, with continuous clipping on or off the frames, they can become brittle and snap! £0.75 per pair
We have been informed by The Kennel Club that their latest batch of ‘laminated’ signs now fit sign holders
These   sets   come   as   two   52cm   cones   in   YELLOW,   2   ‘ladders’   and   one   YELLOW   pole length 1.2m. £17.50 per set. Due   to   the   high   cost   of   delivery   it   is   often   more   sensible   or   economic   to   order   additional items   at   the   same   time.   Postage   and   packing   is   £15.00   regardless   of   how   many   sets   are ordered   or   any   additional   items   ordered   at   the   same   time   -   unless   the   order   exceeds   £99,   then delivery is free!. PLEASE CONTACT US BY EMAIL TO ORDER THIS ITEM Number of sets available = 4 in stock now! Please   note   -   we   doubt   whether   we   will   be   able   to   source   these   hurdles   again   after   31st December   2020,   but   even   if   we   can   the   price   may   exceed   £20   per   set…   a   lot   depends   upon the tariffs and import charges that will become due following the UK’s final exit from EU. The red cones are shown for illustrative purposes only!
2 sets of Yellow; 1 set of Green, Red or Blue
All colours available
CURRENT AVAILABILITY See under “Add to Cart”
Currently only 40 (and 5 x A5) in stock