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Updated 04/12//2020
A5 Signs & holders
Whilst   we   are   not   permitted   to   sell   KC   Rally   signs   and   the   Kennel   Club   only   sell   signs   at   A4   size,   we   can   suggest   how   you   can   equip   yourself   with   a   set   of   signs   at   A5   size.   The   Kennel   Club   allow   free   download   of   signs   for   personal   use   from   their website.   They   are   in   PDF   format   and   come   in   one   file   per   level.   However,   the   PDF   format   is   A4   and   many   people   have enquired   with   us   how   to   print   them   in A5.   So   we   have   produced   a   ‘quick   guide’   for   printing   the   signs   from   PDF A4   onto   either A4 paper at A5 size or onto 5 paper. Also how to source a cheap (OK, quite slow) lamination machine and pouches. We know it can be difficult to fin what you want on the KC website, so here are links to KC website for downloading signs: Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Sign Holders We do not normally ‘stock’ A5 size sign holders but we have a small number in stock! A5   sign   holders,   in   green,   complete   with   a   pair   of   angled   feet   and   a   backing   board   for   £3.00   each   plus   postage   &   packing   - minimum   order   would   have   to   be   5   sign   holders.   As   a   special   offer   we   can   supply   5   sign   holders   to   any   UK   address   (with   a recognised Post Office post code) for £20.00 all-in! Buy 5 here for £20 inc P&P
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