Number 1 for Kennel Club Rally equipment
LAMINATING SERVICE FOR KENNEL CLUB RALLY SIGNS PLEASE NOTE Rally O Ltd does NOT ‘sell’ KC Rally Signs the only source for these are the Kennel Club.   However,   we   are   able   to   offer   a   ‘laminating   service’   for   those   who   do   not   have   the facilities or equipment to do their own.  The charges for doing so are A4  - £0.60 per sign A5 -  £0.50 per sign (A complete set of all levels 1 to 6 will cost £70 for A4 or £59 for A5) We us only 250 micron pouches - costs reflect materials and labour [prices at a certain High Street stationers are £1.29 per sheet!] Prices above do not  include postage & packing (a full set normally costs £8 for p&p) If you cannot provide us with your own printed signs for encapsulation please call us for more information PLEASE NOTE - WE HAVE TO RECEIVE YOUR WRITTEN/EMAIL REQUEST FOR US TO LAMINATE YOUR PRINTED SIGNS

Please contact sales @ for details

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