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Let’s get this GDPR requirement out of the way. As   a   ‘sales   outlet’   for   (Kennel   Club)   Rally   equipment   the   only   personal   details   we   ever   acquire   from   our   cus - tomers   are   their   name,   delivery   address   and   a   contact   number   for   the   courier   service.   We   hold   that   informa - tion    within    our    sales    invoice    records    on    an    encrypted    computer,    for    6    years    in    order    to    comply    with requirements of HM Revenue & Customs. If   you   pay   by   PayPal,   whether   by   account,   card   or   using   our   ‘PayPal   here’   card   reader,   we   do   not   gather   or hold   your   card   or   billing   details   -   the   only   ones   that   may   do   so   are   PayPal   as   they   are   required   to   comply   with Anti Money Laundering Legislation. They do so on their secure encrypted systems. The   only   time   we   may   email   a   customer   is   in   response   to   a   query   or   order   -   we   NEVER   send   out   marketing emails,   spam   or   junk   (if   you   get   anything   supposedly   from   Rally   O   Ltd   by   email   and   its   not   in   response   to   an email you sent to us - it will be SPAM! We   do   not   use   cookies   “to   improve   your   experience”!   If   you   are   in   the   habit   of   never   clearing   your   internet browsing   history   or   cache,   you   may   need   to   use   the   ‘refresh   button’   on   your   browser   to   make   sure   that   you are looking at the up to date pages.    Oh, and we only telephone customers in response to a call from them ! That’s about it - plain and simple! (23rd March 2018) © Rally O Limited 2017 - 2019 - all rights reserved (Co Reg 07283051)