Number 1 for Kennel Club Rally equipment
BASE FOR POST Base for post We are often asked for something thatc can be used for the ‘pole’ in Bonus Exercise 15, and whilst we are not the ‘authority’ for equipment we try to help out wherever possible! There has been by some, the intention to use a ‘send away’ post that is ‘inserted’ into the ground, but of course this is not possible on hard surfaces (such as tennis courts) or indoors, and equestrian centres do not like them especially if there is a ‘membrane’ below the surface of the arena. Thus we have sourced a rubber base that accepts a 1” (25mm) pole - such as our hurdle pole. Of course a broom handle could be used instead, or we can supply a suitable ‘plastic’ pole (but shorter than our hurdle pole). The rubber base is quite heavy (just over 1kg) and has a diameter of 22cm. The pole we can sup - ply (not suitable for hurdle as it is too short) is 80cm long - colour varies in shades of yellow! ‘Base’ - £6.00 each (plus p & p at £8.50) ‘Base and Pole’ - £8.00 per set (plus p & p at £12.50) © Rally O Limited 2017 - 2019 - all rights reserved (Co Reg 07283051)
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This item will be discontinued when stocks have run out