Rally Jumps - We have sourced what is commonly referred to as ‘Cavaletti-style’ agility jumps but unfortunately  as the demand is so small it is not economical for us to stock them. The supplier of the replacement jumps has increased prices by 25% so we have had to look elsewhere for supplies of Rally Jumps. Hopefully we will be able to find some reasonably priced jumps soon!

KC Rally signs - it seems that there have been delays in producing the required signs and pdf files. Therefore we do not anticipate being able to have any packs of signs available before 1st November 2018.

Flashcards - as these will be produced directly from the pdf’s (as above) we do not anticipate any being available before he signs themselves.. They will be A7 size this time (not ‘business card’ size)

Price increases -  we anticipate a price increase in the New Year for Rally Jumps and spare poles - sadly the reasons are beyond our control and vary from manufacturer to manufacturer - “reasons” given include Brexit, the exchange rate and material sourcing problems etc. This is mainly due to the price of the poles and although as yet, we cannot state just what the increase will be but expect it to be in the region of £1 to £2 per set.

Cone bags - we can once again supply cone bags suitable to store/carry around 40 cones (9 inch variety).  They may also take 12 inch cones but we cannot guarantee this. The quality has improved upon the last batch that we stocked and are much ‘heavier’ overall. Nylon type material with plastic liner.

A5 size Sign Holders - due to a failed order, we have 10 of these holders in stock @ £3 each - please email for details.

11th September 2018