Our Rally Jump or hurdle comprises two large cones, each with a detachable ‘ladder support’ upon which the lightweight plastic pole/bar is placed; this allows the pole/bar to be set at a variety of heights. The pole/bar is hollow and can be ‘weighted’ if required by the inclusion of water or sand etc; removable end-caps are fitted.  To assist you in complying with KC Rally Regulations, the pole/bar is 1.5m long which we can provide on their own without the cones or ladders.

Sets Ordered for collection at Haxey will be honoured at the old price of £14.00 per set.

Hurdle/Pole height adjusts from

(top of pole) 10cm to 40cm

in 5cm increments

RALLY JUMP   £15.00 per set

A £5 surcharge is added to any order that includes a Rally Jump or spare poles due to high cost of delivery of the very long box!

Need spare poles?

Contact us to order!

Minimum 5 poles per order - £2.50 each