The component parts!

Sign holder frame, Correx board, 2 angled feet, closure clip & number holder

Insert the Correx board into the slot

on the side of the frame

Then attach the feet - grip the frame in one hand and an ‘angled foot’ in the other…

tilt the foot slightly towards the

small forward projecting stub until the clip hooks onto the ridge on the frame

….ease the foot backwards until the rear part of the ‘clip’ snaps onto the ridge on the other side   







The foot in the correct position, clipped onto the ridge on both sides of the frame

Then exactly the same for the second foot making sure they both point the same way!

Removal of the feet is simply the reverse!

Attaching the number clip onto the opposite side of the frame to the feet is very similar -  small ‘clips’ hook onto the ridge on the frame itself.

The ‘closure clip’ grips the ridge on either side of the frame and literally ‘closes’ the slot!

Final tip - store with the number holder attached - saves breakages !

How to assemble a sign holder

Believe it or not, we have only ever been asked about three times for instructions regarding assembling the Sign Holders. Yes, they are supplied ‘flat pack’ and you have to assemble them yourself but they are pretty straight forward. However, just to help matters along here are some general instructions….

Then with the front ‘clip’ hooked onto the ridge…