How to assemble one of our

sign holders



Windy weather? Turn the sign holders ‘upside’ down with the feet at the ‘top’. Less of an ‘upright’ area for the wind to blow against! Also in this position you can use a tent peg to even more stability or to ensure the sign holder ‘stays put’!

Pole for jump needs weight? End caps are removable. Fill pole with sand, grit or better still, water - pole doesn’t have to be ‘filled’ - just enough ‘ballast’ to give it some weight in the wind.

Sign holder storage - why not use collapsible fold flat plastic storage crates - widely available at all sorts of prices. If you are reluctant to remove the feet from the sign holders, five holders can be stacked with feet at bottom, the five with feet at top (reversed) and so on. But doing this watch out for attached number holders.