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Perfect for the individual ‘team’ to practice Rally exercises in the ‘comfort, peace and security’ of their own home, garden or perhaps the local park - or perhaps for those that are teaching Rally. The HOME PRACTICE SET comprises five sign holders at A5 size (with feet and Correx-type boards) and a complete set of A5 encapsulated KC Rally exercises. Available with or without a set of Flash Cards.

Home Practice Set


Five sign holders size A5 in green (only) with a complete set of KC Rally encapsulated signs. Each sign holder comes complete with a Correx-type board and 2 angled feet.

With a set of Flash Cards ……  £35.00 per set

Without Flash Cards ………… £27.50 per set

Whilst signs and holders at A5 size

are ideal for training they MAY NOT

be suitable for use in

KC Rally Competitions

If in doubt - please check with Kennel Club