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SIGN HOLDERS Our   sign   holders   are   made   from   strong   plastic   and   are   designed   to   take   encapsu - lated   (laminated)   signs.   The   opening   is   on   a   short   edge.   Our   standard   colour   is GREEN   which   we   hold   in   stock,   although   we   can   supply   in   various   other   colours   such   as   Red,   Orange,   Black,   Blue,   White   and   Grey   to   order;   an   additional   charge   is applicable for colours other than Green delivery of which can take up to 10 days. Two sizes are available - A4 (for competition use) and A5 (perfect for training/practice especially in confined areas)   A guide on how to ‘assemble’ a sign holder is shown here:

Rally Sign Holders - A4

All A4 sign holders come complete with two detachable acrylic feet (angled at approximately 15°); a   ‘Correx’-type   board   which   provides   stability   for   the   signs   in   windy   conditions (and blocks sun-light from shining through!); and a  small number clip. Green - £4.00 each plus p & p Other colours - £5.00 each plus p & p

Rally Sign Holders - A5

Available by special order only - normally delivery 10-14 days Sign   holders   in   the   A5   (small)   size   are   ideal   for   use   in   training   or   practice   taking   up far less room than the conventional A4 size. However,   there   is   a   minimum   order   amount   of   10   A5   holders.Each   come   with   2 angled   feet   and   ‘Correx’-type   board   -   but   NO   NUMBER   CLIP    as   this   is   not   really   ne - cessary for training/practice purposes. Green - £3.00 each plus p & p Other colours - £4.00 each plus p & p © Rally O Limited 2017 - 2019 - all rights reserved (Co Reg 07283051)
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