Number 1 for Kennel Club Rally equipment
CLIPS AND ACCESSORIES Number Holder Number Holder Connector Pair of Angled Feet Small Large Clip We sell a number of items that are often misplaced, borrowed (and not returned!) or simply broken through constant use. All made from clear acrylic.

Number Holders

Although the ‘small’ number holder actually looks bigger than the ‘large’ version, it is the ‘capacity’ that governs whether they are ‘small’ or ‘large’. Small number holders can only take approximately 0.75mm thickness of insert - something akin to our Economy Station Numbers (laminated or encapsulated heavy paper). For those of you that may have purchased our De Luxe number sets (no longer available) we continue to stock the large number holders which are designed to take insertions of between 0.5mm to 1.0mm thickness (about the thickness of a credit card) - these are the holders you need for anything thicker than lamin - ated card. Cost - £0.25 each plus p & p

Connector Clip

The connector clips are for joining together two of our plastic sign holders, either one above the other or side by side - especially good for ‘linked’ signs. They can look similar to the large number holders but are easily identified - both sides are exactly the same, whereas the number clips, one side has a ‘wide’ opening, the other has a ‘narrow’ opening. Cost - £0.35 each plus p & p

Angled Feet

Made from clear acrylic, the angled feet are sold only in pairs. Cost - £0.75 per pair plus P&P © Rally O Limited 2017 - 2019 - all rights reserved (Co Reg 07283051)
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