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Welcome (and Changes!)

At   we   offer   a   number   of   products   to   help   canine   clubs,   Rally   judges   and   individual   dog   owners   to   participate   in   Kennel   Club   Rally.   We   take   great   care   in selecting   the   products   we   offer   and   always   try   to   ensure   that   our   equipment   is   suitable   for   any   Rally   competitions.   However,   we   cannot   guarantee   that   each   indi - vidual   item   meets   the   regulations   of   every    organisation   and   it   is   therefore   up   to   the   purchaser   to   ensure   that   the   equipment   they   are   buying   complies   with   the guidelines of their particular ruling body. Having said that, we are 99.99% certain that our products are fully acceptable for Kennel Club Rally.   The   company   (Rally   O   Limited)   exists   to   support   Kennel   Club   Rally   through   its   products   and   the   upkeep   of   (the   free    news   website   for   all   aspects of Kennel Club Rally). It   has   become   very   clear   over   the   last   year   or   so,   that   making   purchases   using   an   internet   website   has   become   fraught   with   security   problems.   Added   to   this   is   a   gen - eral   sense   of   reluctance   by   our   customer   to   order/pay   via   a   PayPal   ‘link’.   We   have,   therefore,   redesigned   the   website   to   display   our   products   and   to   explain   how   to order   from   us   -   but   not   require   you   to   enter   any   personal   (or   payment)   details.   We   hope   that   these   changes   will   find   agreement   with   our   customers,   both   those   re - turning and new customers alike. Also   noticable   is   the   web   address   of   our   website   -   it   is   simply   Those   customers   using   Google   Chrome   may   find   ‘not   secure’   shown   in   the   web   ad - dress   panel   -   this   is   because   Google   assumes   that   ALL   websites   ask   for   users   to   log-in   and   enter   personal   details   (we   don’t   do   either)   and   that   unless   SSL   certification   is paid   for   then   the   site   can   be   hacked   for   the   gathering   of   those   details!   We   have   not   purchased   SSL   certification   as   the   expense   would   have   to   be   passed   on   through our prices (and we strive to keep them as low as possible) and so you will not see HTTPS in front of our internet address.   Finally,   the   GDPR   requirements   have   also   had   an   affect   upon   our   website   -   in      simple      terms      we      do      not      ask      for      any      personal      information.   Of   course,   when   you   ac - tually   order   goods   from   us   we   require   a   delivery   name   and   address.   Payment   by   PayPal   invocie   may   require   some   personal   information   to   be   entered   into   the   PayPal payment   system   (especially   if   the   customer   does   not   have   a   PayPal   account)   but   that   is   PayPal,   not   Rally   O   Ltd.   Payment   by   telephone   will   require   one   or   two   specific personal items (normally the post code of the card billing address) for card verification, but that is not retained by  us.

Privacy Policy - GDPR

Let’s get this GDPR requirement out of the way. As   a   ‘sales   outlet’   for   (Kennel   Club)   Rally   equipment   the   only   personal   details   we   ever   acquire   from   our   customers   are   their   name   and   delivery   address.   We   hold   that information within our sales invoice records on an encrypted computer, for 6 years in order to comply with requirements of HM Revenue & Customs. If   you   pay   by   PayPal,   whether   by   account,   card   or   using   our   ‘PayPal   here’   card   reader,   we   do   not   gather   or   hold   your   card   or   billing   details   -   the   only   ones   that   may   do so are PayPal as they are required to comply with Anti Money Laundering Legislation. They do so on their secure encrypted systems. The   only   time   we   may   email   a   customer   is   in   response   to   a   query   or   order   -   we   NEVER   send   out   marketing   emails,   spam   or   junk   (if   you   get   anything   supposedly   from Rally O Ltd by email and its not in response to an email you sent to us - it will be SPAM! We   do   not   use   cookies   “to   improve   your   experience”!   If   you   are   in   the   habit   of   never   clearing   your   internet   browsing   history   or   cache,   you   may   need   to   use   the   ‘re - fresh button’ on your browser to make sure that you are looking at the up to date pages.    Oh, and we only telephone customers in response to a call from them ! That’s about it - plain and simple! (23rd March 2018)


Look through the products we have available and then contact us with your requirements. There is no minimum order value.  All prices include VAT. You will need to tell us Which product(s) you wish to purchase How many of each item Delivery address Contact details (email address/telephone number) Indication of how you wish to pay We will then reply (normally within a few hours) with the total order cost including postage & packing. You can contact us either by email (see link) or by telephone (07484 809 197)

Post & Packing (Delivery)

For   order   over   £100   delivery   is   free.   Under   £100   we   charge   depending   upon   weight/size   of   order.   As   a   guide,   a   set   of   A4   signs   will   cost   £5   Post   gae   &   Packing,   10   Sign holders   likewise.   However,   20   sign   holders   will   cost   £10   p&p.   Delivery   of   small   items   is   by   Royal   Mail   (to   be   signed   for)   and   larger   items   by   courier   (or   Parcelforce   for off   shore!   Our   couriers/delivery   agents   require   a   contact   telephone   number   for   notifiying   recipient   of   intended   delivery   time.      Delivery   cost   of   a   Hurdle   set   is   £15   due to the lebgth of the box (1.5m) and which can only be sent by Parcelforce.


You can pay for your purchases either by - Credit/Debit Card o we can either send you a PayPal invoice by email (you do not need a PayPal account) or o you can telephone your order and pay by card over the phone. PayPal Account - we send you a PayPal invoice by email Bank Transfer - we send you an invoice by email with bank account details and of course, by cheque (but we don’t like cheques these days, they cost too much to bank!) Note - we only dispatch goods once payment has been received/cleared. 


Our   terms   are   very   simple   -   you   order,   you   pay,   we   deliver   as   quickly   as   possible!   If   there   is   something   wrong   with   the   goods   within   7   days   of   delivery,   then   we   will replace or refund your money - we don’t quibble about it! All we ask is that you keep in contact with us and we will do likewise! OUR PRODUCTS

KC Rally Signs

You may be aware that the majority of the signs are changing as from 1st January 2019. KC   Rally   Signs   are   available   in   the   following   sizes   -   A4   (for   competitions   etc);      A5   (only   suitable   for   training);   and   A7   (Flash   Cards).   ONLY   COMPLETE   SETS   will   be available - not individual levels   Cost - A4 Competition size £55.00 per set plus P&P (122 signs - set weighs approx 4Kg) A5 Training size £40.00 per set plus P&P (100 signs - set weighs approx 2Kg) A7 Flash Cards £17.50 per set plus P&P (100 signs - set weighs approx 1½Kg) LIMITED STOCKS AVAILABLE NOW

Rally Sign Holders - A4

Our   sign   holders   are   made   from   strong   plastic   and   are   designed   to   take   A4    (encapsulated)   signs.   The   opening   is   on   a short   edge.   Our   standard   colour   is   GREEN   (as   shown   in   the   picture)   which   we   hold   in   stock;   we   can   supply   in   various other   colours   to   order,   such   as   Red,   Orange,   Black,   Blue,   White   and   Grey   (small   additional   charge   will   be   applied   and   they can take up to 10 days for delivery).   All   A4   sign   holders   come   complete   with   two   detachable   acrylic   feet   (angled   at   approximately   15°),   a   Correx-type   board which   provides   stability   for   the   signs   in   windy   conditions   (and   blocks   sun-light   from   shining   through!),   a    number   clip (large or small). IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF WHICH SIZE NUMBER CLIP YOU REQUIRE PLEASE SEE “NUMBER HOLDERS”. Cost - £4.00 each plus P&P

Rally Sign Holders - A5

Although   we   no   longer   stock   sign   holders   in   the   A5   (small)   size,   we   can   still   supply   them   ‘to   order’   (minimum   order   10 holders) and they each come with 2 angled feet and ‘Correx’-type board - but NO NUMBER CLIP . Cost - £3.00 each plus P&P 

Rally Hurdle/Jump Set

We   have   had   terrible   problems   with   obtaining   a   regular   supply   of   these   sets,   and   so   we   have   resorted   to   importing   100   sets   from   China!   (No   one manufatures them in the UK or EU!)  A new picture will be placed here as soon as the new stock arrives . This product will not be repeated! Each set comprises two 52cm high cones (in yellow), two ‘ladders/height adjusters’ with ‘rungs’ at 5cm spacing and a blue pole of 1.5m length.   Cost - £15.00 per set plus P&P

Rally Cones

Lightweight   ‘witches   hat’   cones   are   230mm   high   (that’s   9   inches   in   ‘old   money’)   with   a   base   of   127   mm   square;   therefore   they   conform   to   KC Rally Regulations. The colour in the picture may not be completely accurate; currently all our cones are YELLOW! Cost - £1.50 per cone plus P&P

Cone Bags

These   are   an   improvement   on   the   previous   version   and   hold   approximately   40   cones   (9   inch   variety).   They   may   hold 12 inch cones but we cannot guarantee this. Come in Red/Black only. Nylon-type material. Cost - £7.50 per cone plus P&P

Number Holders

One of the small little bits that go missing, get trodden on, snapped off, or perhaps you simply want some spares - made from clear acrylic. Two sizes available: SMALL    (for   Economy   number   sets)   -designed   to   take   insertions   up   to   approx   0.75mm   thickness   (roughly   heavy   paper   laminated   200 microns). Thicker insertions may become buckled and damaged !  or LARGE    (for   De   Luxe   number   sets)-   designed   to   take   insertions   from   0.5mm   to   1.0mm   thick   (something   around   the   thickness   of   a   credit card). Thinner insertions will  fall out! Cost - £0.25 each (either size) plus P&P

Station Numbers

Station   numbers   are   an   essential   part   of   any   Rally   course.    Although   the   latest   signs   now   include   the   letter   A   and   B   on   the   face   of   appropriate   signs,   we   include   not onl;y 20 individual number ‘cards’ (1 to 20) but also three of each letter A and B to give more clarity to those signs!  Two types are available: ‘Economy’ (encapsulated cards, 67mm x 98mm) - £4.00 per set plus P&P         ‘De Luxe’ (plastic cards, 54mm x 86mm) -  £11.00 per set plus P&P

Spare Feet for Sign Holders

Another of the small little bits that go missing, get trodden on or perhaps you simply want some spares - made from clear acrylic, the angled feet are sold only in pairs.  Cost - £0.75 per pair plus P&P

Connector Clips for Sign Holders

Made   from   clear   acrylic,   the   connector   clips   are   for   joining   two   sign   holders   together,   either   one   above   the   other   or   side   by   side   -   especially   good for ‘linked’ signs. Cost - £0.35 each plus P&P


You can contact us by telephone (07484 809 197) or by email - UPDATED 10th NOVEMBER 2018 © Rally O Limited 2017 & 2018 - all rights reserved (Co Reg 07283051)
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