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Watch out for our December Sale! Cone bags now back in stock! Welcome (Site updated 6th November  2019) At   we   offer   a   number   of   products   to   help   canine   clubs,   Rally   judges and   individual   dog   owners   to   participate   in   Kennel   Club   Rally.   We   take   great   care in   selecting   the   products   we   offer   and   always   try   to   ensure   that   our   equipment   is suitable   for   any   KC   Rally   competitions.   However,   we   cannot   guarantee   that   each individual   item   meets   the   regulations   of   every    organisation   and   it   is   therefore   up to   the   purchaser   to   ensure   that   the   equipment   they   are   buying   complies   with   the guidelines   of   their   particular   ruling   body.   Having   said   that,   we   are   99.99%   certain that our products are fully acceptable for Kennel Club Rally.   The   company   (Rally   O   Limited)   exists   to   support   Kennel   Club   Rally   through   its products   and   the   upkeep   of    (the   free    news   website   for   all aspects of Kennel Club Rally). It   has   become   very   clear   over   the   last   year   or   so,   that   making   purchases   using   an internet   website   has   become   fraught   with   security   problems.   Added   to   this   is   a general   sense   of   reluctance   by   customers   to   order/pay   via   a   PayPal   ‘link’.   We   have, therefore,   redesigned   the   website   to   display   our   products   and   to   explain   how   to order   from   us   -   but   not   require   you   to   enter   any   personal   (or   payment)   details.   We hope   that   these   changes   will   find   agreement   with   our   customers,   both   those   re - turning and new customers alike. Also   noticable   is   the   web   address   of   our   website   -   it   is   simply Those   customers   using   Google   Chrome   may   find   ‘not   secure’   shown   in   the   web   ad - dress   panel   -   this   is   because   Google   assumes   that   ALL   websites   ask   for   users   to   log- in   and   enter   personal   details   (we   don’t   do   either)   and   that   unless   SSL   certification is   paid   for,   then   the   site   can   be   hacked   for   the   gathering   of   those   details!   We   have not    purchased    SSL    certification    as    the    expense    would    have    to    be    passed    on through   our   prices   (and   we   strive   to   keep   them   as   low   as   possible)   and   so   you   will not see HTTPS in front of our internet address.   Finally,   the   GDPR   requirements   have   also   had   an   affect   upon   our   website   -   in   simple      terms      we      do      not      ask      for      any      personal      information.   Of   course,   when you   actually   order   goods   from   us   we   require   a   delivery   name   and   address   (and our couriers or delivery agents often require a contact telephone number). Payment   by   PayPal   invoice   may   require   some   personal   information   to   be   entered into   the   PayPal   payment   system   (especially   if   the   customer   does   not   have   a   PayPal account) but that is PayPal, not Rally O Ltd. Payment   by   telephone   will   require   one   or   two   specific   personal   items   (normally the   post   code   of   the   card   billing   address)   for   card   verification,   but   that   is   not   re - tained by  us. © Rally O Limited 2017 - 2019 - all rights reserved (Co Reg 07283051)
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You will find us at the following KC Rally Competitions: 28th December - FITdogs Standish
The next Rally Competition that Rally-O will be attending is the FITdogs  rally on 28th December 2019 - it is not known which 2020 competitons will be attended. PLEASE note - at the December event only the remainder of 2019 stock will be available - if  you require a definite amount of items PLEASE order in advance for collection at  Standish - if you leave it until the day you may be disaapointed!