At Rally-O.com we offer a number of products to help canine clubs and individual dog owners to begin participating in Rally. We take great care in selecting the items for our online store and always try to ensure that our equipment is suitable for any Rally (Rally Obedience) trials. However, we cannot guarantee that each individual item meets the regulations of every organisation and it is therefore up to the purchaser to ensure that equipment complies with the guidelines of their particular ruling body. Having said that, as one of our team, Julie Barrett, is involved directly with teaching “KC Rally” (as Kennel Club Rally Obedience is now known) and organising KC Rally competitions we are 99.99% certain that our products are fully acceptable for KC Rally. All profits from this website’s sales go towards the upkeep and running of www.rallynews.co.uk (the free news website for all aspects of KC Rally) and www.obedience4free.uk (a free website supporting and promoting the sport of KC Competitive Obedience in the UK). By default, delivery is assumed to be UK Mainland. All prices include VAT at the current rate.

The Small Print

TERMS: Our terms are very simple - you order, you pay, we deliver as quickly as possible! If there is something wrong with the goods within 7 days of delivery, then we will replace or refund your money - we don’t quibble about it! All we ask is that you keep in contact with us and we will do likewise!

ORDERS: All orders placed online using the Rally-O.com website should be checked to ensure accuracy before payment is confirmed. Should an order be incorrectly placed, Rally-O Ltd reserve the right to charge for any additional carriage or administration costs incurred in supplying any replacement items as agreed with the customer. Orders can be placed off-line and paid by bank transfer (BACS/FPS etc) or by cheque. If ordering ‘off line’ please always provide (if possible) a mobile phone number and email address.

PRICING: All prices shown include VAT where applicable, but exclude carriage/delivery which is added at the time of order.

DELIVERY:  Delivery is normally undertaken by nominated couriers. However, customers can collect good by arrangement from our offices or a KC Rally competition we may be attending.

A4 Sign Holders

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A4 size Sign Holders

From £40 for 10 holders

A5 Sign Holders

A5 size Sign Holders

From £30 for 10 holders



Number Holders Number Holders

Number Clips

From £5 for 10 clips

Slot Closures

Slot Closure Clips

From £5 for 10 clips


Connector Clips

From £5 for 10 clips


Pairs of Angled Feet

From £10 for 10 pairs


Correx™ Board

From £7 for 10 boards


From £4.50 per set



From £11.95 each


Rally Jumps & Spare Poles

Poles from £1.99 - Jumps from £16.50


Lightweight Cones

From £5 for 4 cones


Home Practice Set

From £70.00 per set

Rally & Training Sets

From £280.00 per set


Encapsulating Service

From £17.50 per level

For instructions on how to assemble a sign holder, follow the arrow!  

Numbers Sets

Flash Cards

From £6.99 per set

Flash Cards


Although we have only had one bad experience with the couriers to date, if you know of any particular courier service who has a ‘problem’ delivering to your address please do notify us either when ordering or by email (admin@rally-o.com) - Thank you


It is planned that Rally-O Ltd will have a stand at:

Burnham-on-sea (20th March 2016)

Wigan (2nd & 3rd April 2016)

Leicester (24th April 2016)

You can reserve items in advance to collect at show


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Due to the number of customers asking for our discounted prices where they would collect the goods rather than have them delivered, we have adjusted our pricing policy whereby now, all  prices are shown exclusive of delivery - delivery charges are then shown per item, depending upon the destination. Also we are sometimes able to negotiate reductions in our costs and we try to pass these on to our customers by adjusting our selling prices. Therefore, the prices shown may fluctuate from time to time.

The prices as shown are correct for orders from 29th November 2015

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