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21st May 2017

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As the majority of our sales are now ‘off line’ and most orders are now not the ‘standard sets’, we decided to change the way in which you can order goods. You will see below the current range of goods with prices per item. All prices include VAT at current rate where applicable. Delivery is extra.

Please email us at sales@rally-o.com stating

1. What items you want

2. Full delivery name and address

3. Your email address

4. Whether you wish to pay by credit/debit card or by bank transfer/FPS/BACS.

We will reply by email with either a PayPal invoice (for card payments) or a PDF pro-forma invoice showing the bank details for bank transfer. The price shown on the invoice will include delivery.

Dispatch of any order will take place as soon as possible after receipt of payment - normally next working day (we will advise on any foreseen delays when we send the invoice to you).

A4 Sign Holders

A4 Sign Holders

Each Sign Holder comes complete with a ‘correx-type’ board (the black bit), small number clip and two angled feet. Please tell us if you require  the large number clips instead.

SMALL - To attach numbers to a max. 0.75 mm thick (i.e. our Economy Station Numbers)

LARGE - To attach numbers 0.3-1.0 mm thick (i.e. our De luxe Station Numbers)

GREEN - £4.00 each

OTHER COLOURS - £5.00 each

Rally Jump

Our Rally Jump comprises two 40cm cones (in blue), two support ladders and a blue 1.49m pole/bar. Hurdle/Pole height adjusts from 10cm to 40cm in 5cm increments (measured to top of pole/bar).

£12.50 each

Please see Delivery Charges

1.49m Poles

These 25mm diameter lightweight blue 1.49m pole/bar are ideal for any hurdle or jump as well as our own.

£2.00 each

Please see Delivery Charges


Our lightweight ‘witches hat’ cones are 220mm high (that’s 9 inches in ‘old money’) with a base of 127 mm square. Currently only orange!

£1.50 each

Flash Cards

Flash Cards

A complete set of KC Rally signs with descriptions on the reverse, (no ‘Start’ or ‘Finish’ as they are pretty obvious really!) Printed and encapsulated in a handy ‘pocket size’. Ideal for the quick reminder, training sessions and course design. Encapsulated and attached to a ‘wire ring’ which can be unlocked to detach individual cards

£9.99 per set

Station Numbers

Our Number Sets include 20 individual number ‘cards’ plus a Bonus, plus three of each letter A, B and C ‘cards’.

Economy - £3.00 per set

(Encapsulated Small number clips required)

De Luxe - £11.00 per set

(Plastic Large number clips required)

KC Rally Signs

Encapsulated signs for Kennel Club Rally in standard A4 size. We include two additional Left Turn, Right Turn and Normal Pace with all orders.

A4 - £39.00 per set

Accessories and Spares

Small number clips

£2.50 for 10

Large number clips

£2.50 for 10


Delivery charges depend upon destination, physical size and weight of order/box.

Please see the relevant page

Number Holders

Connector  clips

£3.00 for 10


Angled feet

£7.00 for 10 pairs


Correx-type Board

£7.00 for 10 boards




Delivery Charges